Blue Paint

Real time character for fun, 30k polys, 2k map for head, torso and clothes. Originally based on this concept by Matt Rhodes.

Turntable and texture snapshots coming soon!

Axeman - ZBrush

Fun little project to improve some ZBrush workflow and tool knowledge. Made myself do everything in ZB to get better with some of the tools, was a good learning experience!. There are a few little issues and I wanted to add a lot more detail and wrinkles, especially to his chest and hands but after Transpose posing issues, the file became bloated and crash/corrupt happy so I did what I could and left it as is!

Original concept Axman by Karl Kapinkski


Caestus Ram ship model for the Warhammer Kill Team trailer

Advisor - ZBrush, 3DS MAX, xNormal, Marmoset

Polycount CHARACTER Challenge | March 2014 | Adviser Pilot Girl

Thread here

Normally I would be annoyed that I missed the deadline but getting sick and having to move house conspired against me in finishing this to completion and on time. I will get around to finishing her...